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Clay Pressed-Leaf Pendants or Wall Hangings

One of our favorite autumn activities is to make leaf prints in clay. It’s easy, low-prep, and has gorgeous results. It’s a great activity for all ages. This project could be done year-round with a variety of plants. For some reason it’s ended up… Continue Reading “Clay Pressed-Leaf Pendants or Wall Hangings”

13 Essentials for the Homeschool Preschool Classroom

I’ve homeschooled for 10 years. That’s kind of amazing to me, since I once vowed I’d never homeschool my kids and felt pressured to start on a year-by-year basis out of necessity (one son’s special needs)…I’d have never believed you if you’d told me… Continue Reading “13 Essentials for the Homeschool Preschool Classroom”

8 Great Picture Books for Preschoolers

Let’s talk about book lists. I plan out monthly themes. I carefully pick out books ahead of time. We attempt a beautifully curated basket time. I intend to share those lists here on the blog. But one of the most beautiful things to me… Continue Reading “8 Great Picture Books for Preschoolers”

Quick and Easy Mother’s Day DIY Decorated Flower Pots

Here is a simple, quick, and adorable DIY Mother’s Day gift idea that works great in a small classroom setting: Custom decorated flower pots, personalized with photos. Aren’t they adorable?  It might be a bit much to try with a large class, but with… Continue Reading “Quick and Easy Mother’s Day DIY Decorated Flower Pots”