Our lives are woven together with rituals.

Habits. Values. Beliefs. Routines.

Together these things constantly tap out a rhythm for our lives. Generate an atmosphere that envelops and influences what we do and how we do it. How we respond to the people and circumstances we encounter.

A mother’s “rhythm” sets the tempo for her children. And children are enfolded in the atmosphere their mother (intentionally or unintentionally) creates.

(Start here to read more about what I mean by mama rhythm)

Each mama is on her own journey – with aspirations and goals, flaws and flubs. Things we know and things we have yet to learn.

Seeing where we could still grow shouldn’t drown us in swaths of mom-guilt (let’s not go there anymore!). Seeing ways we can improve and grow should instead inspire us.

Cause, you know what’s amazing?

We don’t have to settle for whatever rush and chaos seems thrown in our laps. We don’t have to trudge on to the erratic beat set by outside influences and inner struggles. We don’t have to accept a crummy atmosphere as our permanent default. We aren’t doomed to live as slaves to our weaknesses.

We each have the ability to intentionally compose our own mama-rhythm.
Mother dances with joy

If you could compose your ideal “life rhythm,” what would it sound like? (I’m partial to something along the lines of Mel Lewis, personally.)

If you’re totally happy with your motherhood groove, that’s fantastic!!! Maybe you’ll find some fresh tools and ideas here. Even better, maybe you’ll be able to inspire and encourage another mama in the blog comments or on the Mama Rhythm Facebook page.

If you want to embrace your motherhood, but it’s just crazy hard right now – If you long for a steady rhythm and a nurturing atmosphere – read on, Mama.

You’ve got this.

Jenni Burks, blogger, parenting and education copywriter, wife, mother, teacher, and friend.
My name is Jenni Burks.

I’m mama to four (plus one in heaven), ages 3-21. I’m a blogger and website copywriter, but mostly a Christian, wife, mama, homeschool mom and friend.

I used to be a stressed-out natural yeller who felt like my children were big hurdles most of the time.

Ouch. I still cringe at that reality.

Another reality check rocked my world many years ago –

I finally understood how much my attitude, habits, values, beliefs, and routines weren’t just about me. I realized that they affect my children. Deeply. And I realized something desperately needed to change.

After a ton of all the “hard stuff” that produces growth, I’m finding my groove. And I continue to learn and grow.

And I love it.

Despite the stuff that’s still crazy hard sometimes.

Child reaches for freshly-washed berries in a warm, supportive home environment.

If you hang around here, you’re bound to hear about:

Cultivating a peaceful home.

I don’t mean a home that feels like a yoga studio or a stained-glass-clad sanctuary. I’m waaaay too enthusiastic or upbeat or perky or whatever you want to call it for that. By peaceful, I mean a home in which the adults are calm, secure, warm, and supportive. Where we purposefully avoid a rushed, stressful atmosphere, and cultivate an atmosphere of warmth, healthy habits, robust boundaries, and flexibility.

Building strong family ties.

I reject the idea that every teenager is going to rebel or hate being around their parents. That’s bologna. (You’ll also hear me call out bologna. So many things we hear and assume are seriously rotten bologna with moldy cheese. Let’s call it what it is and seek what’s true, mamas!) I believe now more than ever that it’s possible to tie relational cords with your children that can withstand some really unreal struggles. And if your children are already in high school or older, it’s not too late to start.

Getting outdoors.

But not in a super-naturey-in-touch-with-mother-earth sort of way. I’m still growing here. For me, making time outdoors takes a lot of effort, intentionality, and self-control. I hate stinging insects. (It’s a borderline phobia.) I hate sweaty, flat hair, and smudgy eyeliner. (I spent way too much time in suburbia as a teenager, mmkay?) The reality is time outdoors and in nature is good for us and good for our children, so I’m trying. And sharing lots of tips and tricks along the way.

Living books and stories.

Full disclosure: I’m a bibliophile. I have a problem, and I don’t care. Because, you guys, good books bring to life pretty much anything you could want to learn! I home educated my older children using the Charlotte Mason method, if that rings a bell for any of you. Regardless of how or where your children are educated, I’m a firm believer that rich, living books and stories will enrich their lives.

Activity ideas.

Why not share them as I do them? Right?? I’m a big fan of idea pools, y’all! Right now I’m in full-out preschool mode over here, but I’ll also share ideas for family time, elementary age, middle schoolers, and teenagers.


This isn’t a specifically Christian blog. I have another blog where I nerd out on Theology and such. However, my faith is a huge part of who I am and my life rhythm. It influences my beliefs about relationships, including relationships with my children. So while I don’t intend to make faith front-and-center here, I will mention it in passing here and there. (Because, really, true and lasting growth doesn’t happen without it.)

Welcome, fellow mama! I’m so glad you’re here!

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