What is Mama Rhythm?

What exactly do I mean when I refer to “mama rhythm”? 

Well, there is a long answer and a short answer to those questions.

Let’s start with the short answer. 

Mama rhythm is the vibe, feeling, or atmosphere a mother sends out through her words, attitude, and actions. It’s the ongoing, evolving expression of who a woman is, particularly as a mom. 

Mama rhythm is essentially a mama’s ethos.

It involves a mama’s character and personality, values and beliefs, habits and responses.

It involves priorities, purpose, and identity.

Your mama rhythm will probably have similarities to other moms’ – maybe even a lot of similarities –  but it is still distinct for each mother. 

A mother’s mama rhythm is separate from her circumstances, although her circumstances will both influence and reveal it. 

It’s not dependent on where she lives, how nice her home is, or how much money the family has.

It is influenced by her background and cultural heritage, but not determined by them.

It’s not about whether she works outside the home or is a full time homemaker, about what kind of education her kids receive, about whether she breast or bottle feeds, or any other mommy-war kind of decisions.

Mama rhythm is more about our attitudes about those things.

It’s easiest to explain mama rhythm by breaking it into 6 areas:


A mama’s responses to her kids, circumstances, and other people. Includes her reactions and temperament as well as her more thoughtful, intentional responses. 


What a mama habitually says, thinks, and/or does. Includes her daily routines, self-care, and sleep schedule, as well as verbal habits, non-verbal habits, work habits, thought habits, relational habits, and habits of rest.


What a mama really wants. Includes expectations of children and spouse, preferences about the home and family, and desires for a wide range of things. 


How open a mama is to learning and growing. 


What a mama hopes for and what a mama hopes in. Includes her aspirations and dreams, and what/whom she trusts for security, stability, peace, and happiness.


A mama’s attitude, outlook, and mentality. Includes her mental health, self-image, identity, perspective, values, beliefs, assumptions, priorities, and overall spirit.

Together these 6 areas form a mama’s rhythm. Her ethos.

They create an atmosphere around her that is felt by her children and other people with whom she comes in contact. 

Each area overlaps with the others. Each area affects the others. 

Each area can have a profound affect on a mama’s children, relationships, and life.

Each mama is on a unique journey, and her mama rhythm develops and changes over time. It’s part of the wild, breathtaking, heart-rending, delightful adventure.

We’re each unique and spread out on diverse paths, and yet we can be in this thing together, ready to lock arms or lend a hand along the way.

On each of the next several Mondays we will go into more depth about what mama rhythm is, how to discern yours, and how to both celebrate your strengths and grow in areas you feel like you could improve.

My hope is that Mama Rhythm Monday will become an ongoing conversation around which we will build a supportive community as we each morph and grow as mothers.

Use the hashtag #mamarhythmmonday or #mamarhythm to join the conversation on instagram. Tag me @mamarhythm and introduce yourself, and tell me what you love about your mama rhythm!

I might feature you in my stories or feed.

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